Tammy Gallup is 37 years old and a proud mother of 7 kids.  She was raised in California and continues to call California her home in sunny So-Cal.  Most of her time is spent improving herself as a homemaker and entrepreneur.  At home she cares for 6 kids because her oldest son at 8 years old passed away from brain cancer 10 years ago.  The kids names are Scott, Steven, Jayden, Jax, Bowen, Cash and Roman.  In between her efforts to care for her children, she is focused on building and developing organizations that inspire change and overall improvement in people’s lives.  

After her son Scott’s passing, she went on a journey to find peace through that loss and was able to overcome that tragedy and has since helped countless women in the area of bereavement through difficult losses.  She was also able to overcome other personal health issues such as fibromyalgia, anxiety and post-partum depression and has been a great help to many women that have struggled with these types of issues.  She is passionate about health and wellness and was able to become certified as a holistic nutritionist.  Subsequently, she developed a website featuring a blog (www.supermissfits.com) dedicated to providing women with free beneficial information in the areas of nutrition, fitness, fashion and goal setting.  

Recently, Tammy’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to launch an infant fashion site (www.littletammytwoshoes.com) that focuses on hand-made leather moccasins for babies.  Her other project that is currently growing by leaps and bounds is her partnership with Nerium International (www.supermissfits.nerium.com) where she helps individuals launch home-based businesses featuring a break-through anti-aging skin care product.  Overall she is determined to change the world through positivity and productivity in every facet of life!